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What’s in a name?

When i thought of this name, i thought it was fun and nice and fits me. As I was collecting the list of blogs I watch to add them to the blogroll, I realized that ‘orange’ is a rather popular part of names. Of course it is, it’s the poppiest color, so it makes sense. But you could have been more original, everyone will say. As the photo shows, I really had no choice.

That’s my rug, bought a year ago. Notice the green and orange almost-dots. And there are more green and orange dots. These little mats were bought separately and the colors almost match 🙂

The reason for these is that I wanted green walls, and the only rug i could find had the orange bits. So the color theme for my room is orange and green, and all the decorative things i bought since then match that.


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Tutorial: border in Illustrator

I saw this tutorial and thought the technique would be great for making interesting borders for different things. Here is a step by step tutorial to make something like this:


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Pattern Pattern

I was scrolling through hundreds of WordPress themes, trying to pick one from the many that I liked when I realised that you can’t select any theme for a free WordPress blog. The one I chose was the nicest one from the available ones and I’ll try to customize this one before I think about buying a domain and all the hosting hassle.

By everyday icons

Orange and green pattern by everyday icons

I won’t settle for this layout’s graphics, though (what does blue have to do with orange and green, I ask) and the first step is to create an appropriate header. The first thing I thought about was using a nice pattern and for that purpose, I looked for interesting patterns. I found lots of them and below is a list of places where you can see them.

Everyday icons playground – this is one of the most interesting sites I’ve seen lately, and the patterns (lower left corner) are wonderful. The pattern in this post’s image was made by them.

400+ High Quality Patterns – a list of links to different pattern sets. There are many and varied types of patterns there, and you might find some interesting and unusual patterns to use.

BgPatterns – make your own pattern using one of the predefined shapes. You can set the colors, the type of canvas and image size.

Tartan maker – you can create a tartan (kilt) pattern, electing size, type and colors.

Patterns List – a collection of links to pattern sets (31 links).

Pixel patterns – many many pixel patterns.

If you want to see how others have used patterns, here is a smashing magazine article showcasing some of the best designs and if you want to make your own patterns, you could try this tutorial for pixel patterns or Veerle‘s tutorials: for geometric patterns in illustrator, seamless patterns in Illustrator and create patterns in PS2 (requires Illustrator).

I hope this post was useful. If you know of any great patterns sites, please let me know 🙂

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